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How Is Open Cast Mining Method Done

Openpit Mining Openpit mining, also known as opencast mining, opencut mining, and strip mining, means a process of digging out rock or minerals from the earth by their elimination from an open pit or borrow. The word is used to distinguish this type of mining from extractive methods

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Opencut mining is one method used to extract these minerals from the earth. opencut mining is used when the minerals are found over a large area and relatively close to the surface. the open cut mine is dug downwards in benches or steps which slope towards the centre of the pit. to uncover

Opencast mine. this type of miningn is very much used, especially in south africa where there is the famous kimberley mine called 171 big hole 187. the mining is done by extracting the subsoil from the pipe using large hydraulic shovels. hard rock is drilled and blasted with

Open pit and open cast methods employ a conventional mining cycle of operations to extract minerals rock breakage is usually accomplished by drilling and blasting for consolidated materials and by ripping or direct removal by excavators for unconsolidated

4.2 openpit mining. openpit mining is probably most advanced because of developments in mining lowgrade copper deposits and iron ore. it is suitable for much of the resource if it is done on a large scale and will allow lowcost removal of most of the resource.

Drilling in the benches of open pit mining is done for production of iron ore with mechanized drills specific for each mining method. the main objective of drilling operations is to create a hole of suitable diameter, depth and direction in rock for explosives to be placed for blasting activities.

It is often done to continue mining after open pit mining becomes uneconomic or impossible . however , some mines start as block c ave operati ons e.g., there are

Other articles where box cut is discussed coal mining area strip mining with a trench or box cut made through the overburden to expose a portion of the coal seam. this trench is extended to the limits of the property in the strike direction. after coal removal, a second cut is made parallel to the first one, and the overburden material

Strip mining. strip mining is a kind of surface mining. the ore is very near to the surface of the land but has one or more layers of rock and filth on top of it. to mine the ore, these layers have to be removed. the steps in strip mining are similar to openpit mining.

Stability, safety, pollution control and therefore mining cost. the efficiency of well designed and implemented de173 watering of mines before and during mining, has been proven in many open pit mines worldwide 1234. the cost savings on the mining operations in these cases were substantial.

Openpit mining is much safer than shaft mining. in underground mining, the threat of a cavein or release of toxic gas is a constant concern. when shaft mining was the most common method of ore extraction, thousands died in caveins, gas events and accidents involving equipment. in 1907 alone, more than 3,200 deaths related to mining occurred.

Openpit mining, also known as opencast mining, is a surface mining technique that extracts minerals from an open pit in the ground. openpit mining is the most common method used throughout the world for mineral mining and does not require extractive methods or tunnels. this surface mining technique is used when mineral or ore deposits are ...

Openpit is one of the most common mining methods used and starts from the earths surface, maintaining exposure to the surface throughout the extraction period. the excavation usually has stepped sides to ensure the safety of the miners and a wide ramp where equipment can travel, allowing the product to be removed efficiently from the site.

Open pit mining is a technique used to extract copper ore near the earths surface. open pit mining is the most widely used technique of mining copper today. it is accomplished by creating and using benches or terraces to gradually reach deeper under the earths surface. underground mining is used when the copper ore is not near the earths ...

1. types of mining processes 2. when open pit mining would be used 3. the advantages of open pit mining 4. disadvantages of open pit mining 5. combining open pit amp underground mining 6. stripping ratio 7. managing the slope of the pit 8. pit optimisation 9. management and safe operating of open pit mines 10. specialised surface mining ...

Jun 12, 2017nbsp018332how is open cast method of mining done describe the open cast method of mining. answers. in opencast method of mining,the unwanted materials laying on top of the mineral are removed. the soft mineral ore is removed by digging. any mineral ore is broken up by blasting. huge power shovels are used to dig up mineral deposits.

Mining mining ventilation and lighting ventilation is an important consideration in underground mining. in addition to the obvious requirement of providing fresh air for those working underground, there are other demands. for example, dieselpowered equipment is important in many mining systems, and fresh air is required both for combustion and to dilute exhaust contaminants.

The first three methods are commonly used in surface mining operations. catch ditches are one of the most cost effective rock fall protection measures used in open pit. the ditch, placed along ramps and at the top of the high walls, should be covered by a layer of gravel in order to absorb the energy of falling rocks and it should have an ...

Opencast mining has several advantages compared to underground mining, these are opencast allows for high tonnages to be moved hence economies scale safe as workers are not working under disturbed roof opencast trucks have higher payloa...

Opencast mining, also known as surface mining or strip mining, has disadvantages that include disturbance of the environment and local ecosystems, exposure of radioactive elements and contamination of freshwater sources. the use of heavy machinery and blasting techniques also create environmental pollution.

Because marine deposits are distributed over large areas unevenly, mining companies utilize different methods to mine them. some of these methods include shallowwater mining, deep sea operations involving high tech equipment and simple alluvial mining. like open pit mining, the ore materials are usually transported offsite for further processing.

Openpit mining involves removing the layers of sand and rock found just above the kimberlite. once exposed, the ore in the pit is broken up by blasting. a single blast can break approx. 3,000 tonnes of ore. once the ore is broken, excavators load the ore into haul trucks and transport it to a primary ore crusher where the diamond extracting ...

Open cast mining advantages. previous next. in the previous topic, we saw which are some of the advantages that can make the surface open pit mining methods superior method compared to the underground mining. however, underground mining has its own advantages. and finally, the ultimate decision to mine from the surface or from underground comes ...

Sublevel open stoping originated in the early 1900s in iron ore mines in michigan, usa. it was developed over the years from a method originally known as short hole bench and train mining.generally a large scale open stoping method, it is often referred to

Advertisements in this article we will discuss about the types of drilling methods used in mining. the types are 1. percussive drilling 2. rotary drilling. method 1. percussive drilling in this method which is the oldest one of drilling, the hole is drilled by striking

The various methods of miningwaste management. todays decisions and future research and development must be based on current knowledge for example results from foreign countries but detailed further knowledge should be developed on